Bollyboom, NSCI (2017)

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Bollyboom is the culmination of Bollywood and EDM, or as we call it in India, BDM. In the celebration of the genre, Bollyboom is a event that happens on massive proportions with leading Indian DJs taking centre stage. Speaking of which, our brief was a create a stage that not only was something that was never seen before, but was also an amalgamation of music, SFX and stage design. We used 3 hydraulic chandeliers installed in South Bombay’s NSCI Dome, with an array of variations using 400 tubes. The 40 ft height gave us a lot of room to work with, and with DJs like Aqueel, Akhtar and Chetas taking the stage, the enter stadium was lit up like never before.

project details

300 x 1m tubes


layout plans

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