Innovation complemented by the newest technology and a drive to create experiences is what sets us apart.

LEDs Concept was the brainchild of Bunty Arora. We’ve always been drawn to stage lighting and inspired by the way LEDs and concept lighting can change the way a space can be experienced. We have a deep seated passion for lights, and its amply visible in our work. We endeavor to do work that has never been done before and show the world creations that have never been seen before. We only use state-of-the-art software and hardware that elevates the look of our projects. Innovation complemented by the newest technology and a drive to create experiences is what sets us apart.


It is our endeavor to create designs that are extraordinary, to put together pieces of art that are unprecedented and produce illusions that are exceptional. Inspired by geometry, origami and even everyday objects, the spaces we lend our expertise to are guaranteed to be stand-outs.


We see leds concepts becoming the leader in lighting solutions and design concepts. We’re constantly looking to broaden our client base and venture into new territories, be it in terms of geography or project scopes, like media facades, architectural projects and even high-end homes.

what we can do for you

When we are approached with a project, we go through the following process to ensure you get the best possible output.


After the recce of your space, we start looking for inspiration in the name, aesthetic and vibe of the location.


After the team comes together and studies the raw material we have to work with, we start ideating and creating 3D renders of our vision.


After the design and concept is approved, the LEDs Team installs the entire project within 10-15 days.


MADRIX is all about powerful yet simple control products for creative LED lighting. Amazing LED installations worldwide are brought to life with their high-quality software and hardware made in Germany.

Madrix hardware coupled with expertise and Madrix Software, helps bring your visions to reality. Being the sole distributors for Madrix in India, we’re proud to say we use their products in all our projects too.


Here are some of the brands and projects we’ve worked with to bring their dreams to life.